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Small Scale Aquaponics

Small Scale Aquaponics, SSA, provides professional aquaponics systems in a scalable format.

SSA has designed an aquaponics system that has the most advanced filtration and efficiency.

Our advantage is the full implementation of the Aquaculture System Technology, AST, filtration to provide predictable and safe water quality for the fish crop, while capturing and transforming the soluble and solid fish waste into the biologically available nutrients for you plants.

  • Highest efficiency
  • Lowest water use
  • Less crop risk
  • Compact design
  • Less plumbing
  • Predictable, consistent operation

What does all that mean? Less worry, less plumbing, faster setup, and MORE time farming plants and fish! Because, that is what you wanted to do in the first place: Enjoying the satisfaction of growing fresh fish and vegetables in a sustainable manner, no matter where you are.

AST filtration

AST filtration has been the unequalled filtration in aquaculture and koi ponds for over 20 years and provides efficient biofiltration and solids capture in one unit. The high surface area of the compact media provides nitrification (transforming ammonia to nitrate), and solids capture of fish waste, and any uneaten feed or debris. AST filtration removes particles down to 10 microns giving you crystal clear water and removing solids before they have an opportunity to degrade water quality. Less solids waste accumulation in your plant culture means reduced maintenance and better root health for your plants. These filters are compact giving you more room to farm. AST filters use less water for backwashing, providing water conservation, better control over your water quality, and a concentrated source of nutrients for plants. The AST filters can be operated with an efficient water pump or, with our aquaponics design application, completely driven with an air compressor using gravity flow and airlift technology. Air also powers an automatic backwash of the filtration. The numbers change...The fish culture necessary to support the amount of plant production is greatly reduced since you are efficiently capturing the nutrients and transferring them with superior filtration.

SSA Systems

AST combined their professional filtration into the most efficient aquaponics design so that the advantages of the filters are fully utilized.

Airlift Technology

Airlifts move water much more efficiently than a traditional pump in a “low head” application, when differences in water levels are small. SSA systems are designed with this concept in mind and we let the incredible efficiency of airlifts transfer water to the different components, as well as automatically backwashing the filtration. Airlifts also provide degassing, aeration, and tank circulation.

De-coupled system

Decoupling the system means that the fish and the plants are not in a continual loop. However, the fish waste is still providing the nutrients for the plant production. Nutrients are captured in a concentrated manner and fully utilized. Since the “loop” of the traditional aquaponics system is not necessary, there is less plumbing, and maintenance and filter protocol. Don’t worry, everything is still consumed and sustainable, just more efficient. Additionally, this design also allows for separate placement of fish and plant culture components.

  • Less storage of water, and less area needed
  • Less water transferred, less plumbing, and less energy required for operation
  • Less risk to crops
  • Flexible design

Zero Discharge Operation

As water is passed from the fish to the filter and then to the plant culture system, what happens to the water that would be returned to the fish as plant filtered water in a traditional “loop” system? Because AST filters waste less water, the water volume transferred to the plant culture system is completely consumed in transpiration and evaporation! This water loss to the system is simply added as fresh makeup water to the fish tank on an as-needed basis. Most of our systems transfer 1-3 gallons of nutrient rich water per day to the plant culture system.


Aeration is not a luxury, it is a necessity for healthy fish and plant production in aquaponics. Oxygen is essential for healthy, fast growing fish, a healthy biofilter function, and healthy plants that can readily take up nutrients. You don’t want your system to only survive, you want it to thrive at optimal performance. We provide efficient and affordable aeration. Additionally, we are able to use airlift technology to pump water in our system, degassing & aerating it in the process. Airlifts are the MOST efficient way to move water, and it has the added effect of providing life-giving oxygen to your plants, bacteria, and fish.

Deep Water Culture

SSA primarily uses deep water culture, DWC, for plant production: Using floating rafts over well aerated plant culture tanks. This is the main infrastructure of the system design, however you can customize the plant culture system to feed medium grow beds or drip irrigate other crops with the nutrient rich water, while still achieving a zero discharge approach.

Ownership and operation of a Small Scale Aquaponics System…

SSA uses years of engineered design and the most current science to provide the most efficient and productive aquaponic system available. We provide professional, high quality components in our systems. That means that is also the most enjoyable aquaponics system to own and enjoy.


Aquaponics has been practiced in one form or another for over 1,000 years in Asian rice fields, and in the Chinampas of South America. Fish provide rich waste to supply plants biologically available nutrients. Plants in turn filter water, providing protection from buildup of toxic levels of nutrients. Recently, gardeners and small farmers have rediscovered this approach to raising two mutually-benefiting crops together. A harvest of fresh fish as well as a harvest of fresh vegetables is produced in an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly manner. Aquaponics brings additional advantages in the fact that it is scalable, compact, and not dependent on traditional gardening or farming locations. Aquaponics can be located in urban areas, or your backyard.


  • Low water consumption
  • Low power use
  • Compact grow space
  • Large amount of production per square foot

These advantages are coupled with all of the benefits of growing locally produced food and knowing where your food comes from, and how it is grown.

  • Better nutrition and freshness.
  • No cost in transportation of food.
  • Food safety- availability and avoiding contamination.
  • Food independence

That being said... aquaponics is just magical and cool! You will fall in love with it. Watching a synergy of natural processes producing food is absolutely mesmerizing. Fish are swimming and enthusiastically consuming feed. Plants thrive and exhibit robust, rapid growth. Vegetables have an unparalleled flavor. Kids are enthusiastic about getting involved and learning about nature and science. Neighbors will ask to visit to see your genius at work. And if you choose to sell your produce, the public will meet your product with a readiness to buy, for the freshness and nutrition, and also for the magic of how it was produced.