AST - Polyethylene Bubble Washed Bead Filter XS500

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The Bubble Bead Filters by AST offer easy maintenance and effective filtration. Perfect for aquaculture systems, research applications, quarantine systems, broodstock holding, and more. In addition to solids removal, these filters provide biological filtration, breaking down the nitrogenous wastes into non-toxic substances. Our gentle backwash removes the collected solids while keeping the necessary bio-film intact.

  • Flow Rate: 10 GPM
  • Bead Media: 0.25 cubic Ft.
  • Provides biological & mechanical filtration 
  • Uses low HP, low pressure pump
  •  Easy to install 
  • Closed filter – perfect to connect to UV 
  • Corrosion proof
  •  Superior solids removal 
  • Excellent nitrification 
  • No mechanical parts to wear out 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Weather & salt water resistant 
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