AST – Polygeyser Endurance 2000 Filter


All in one filter- providing both solids removal and ammonia conversion for excellent water quality and crystal clear water.

1 cubic foot of AST filtration media

  • 12gpm
  • 200-2000 gallon systems (ponds or tanks)


  • Automatic pneumatic backwash- uses air pressure to periodically wash the filter bed and automatically capture solids in the sludge chamber
  • Saves time and labor. Longer periods between routine maintenance and sludge capture
  • Lowest water loss filter in the industry- low water loss when directly removing sludge and fish waste
  • Large sludge storage chamber- reduces routine maintenance
  • Superior solids removal and biofiltration- AST filtration in unequalled in the aquaculture recirculating systems with over 20 years in the industry. Capturing micro-solids down to 10 microns in size. Large surface area for bacterial culture and ammonia conversion. Unique media design prevents scouring and protects bacteria and secondary, beneficial filter microorganisms.
  • Low profile design- small footprint saving overall design space
  • Minimal energy costs-Airlift driven installation creates the most efficient aquaponics or aquaculture recirculating systems in the industry.
  • Perfect for home aquaponics and home aquaculture

*$30 crate fee included in price