• GrowStone 1 Hydroponic (1.5 cu ft)


    Growstone® GS-1 Hydroponic Substrate is the perfect growing media for use in hydroponic growing systems as simple as manually irrigated containers or as advanced as automatically drip irrigated containers, Ebb-Flow systems and NFT tables. It replaces strip-mined materials like clay pebbles or stonewool, reducing environmental degradation. Growstone aggregates are engineered to provide an effective ratio between aeration and moisture to hydroponic systems. While other substrates maximize either air or moisture, Growstones are designed to allow for both moisture absorption and drainage. Most important in any growing medium is the air in the medium after drainage. Plant roots require air (particularly oxygen) for growth process respiration. Growstones Hydroponic Substrates are ideal due to their small and large pores. When the substrate is irrigated, water is held in the micro pores, but quickly drains through the macro pores, allowing fresh air to flow through the substrate, which brings oxygen to the roots and removes carbon dioxide from the root zone.